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First Word Flash Cards

First Word Flash Cards


Explore the world of first words with your child using these dynamic and entertaining First Word Flashcards. Packed with 50 words, each card features vibrant illustrations of familiar objects, animals, foods, and more, ensuring your little one quickly discovers their favourites!


Discover various playful ways to enhance your toddler's speech development using these flash cards, such as incorporating a 'word of the week,' engaging in sensory tuff tray activities, setting up word or letter play stations, integrating them into mealtimes or food preparation, or making them a delightful part of the bedtime routine.


Each pack includes: 25 A6 First Word Flash Cards, printed on sturdy 350gsm cardstock, featuring a diverse array of 50 different words. Foster your child's language development and make learning a joyous adventure with these engaging First Word Flash Cards.


These flashcards are FSC certified, chlorine free, wood free and recyclable and printed with vegetable based inks.

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