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About Us

Welcome to Bella Bébé. The baby product and wellness brand, conceived in the UK and born in 2023. 

Mother feeding newborn
Mother touching nose with newborn baby

Our story - From our founder Gemma 

Throughout my life and even as a young girl, whilst others around me aspired to be wealthy and successful in a particular career, or harboured dreams of travelling the world of pursuing a particular hobby or passion, my dream has always been a very simple one…. to be a mother.  I have always had a magnetism towards caring for children. Friends and family would always comment when out in public at the endless amounts of children that would seem to stare at me, randomly smile at me or bring me unsolicited gifts! Seriously, it was a bit freaky at how often this would happen! I pursued a 10-year career in working with and caring for children with special educational needs. Working as a Mental Health Lead but also an Assistant SENCO and becoming a trained Designated Safeguarding Lead. In my spare time I would babysit and quickly became a convenient and around-the-clock babysitter for family and friends! I saw this all as training that would serve my destiny as a mother.  After many failed attempts at conceiving, I had that horrible lingering fear and doubt that many women feel - that I may never be able to have children. Fast forward to January 2023, at 7:14am my world had changed forever and our beautiful daughter was born.  Unable to sleep one night, and having developed an addiction for scrolling through baby product websites (!) and falling in love with Scandinavian style products - I was struggling to find a single website that had all of the types of products that I liked. There weren’t any companies that provided community, or support for mothers through their motherhood journey with resources and access to mental health support.  That’s when the idea of creating Bella Bebe came to me. To be precise, it was during a night feed at 3:07am on March the 11th (I know this because I wrote it in the notes app on my phone!).  We have lots of big plans, but the first thing we needed to do was start. We hope you join us on our journey. Gemma x

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide you with beautiful products for your baby and to support new and expectant mothers to feel empowered.  

Our Offering

Newborn feet
Bella Bebe Logo

We have combined our passion for baby products with our founder’s 10-years experience of supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) 


  • Timeless Scandinavian style baby products - as well as seasonal collections of clothing and items.

  • M.U.M Hub - A platform with resources to support new and expectant mothers and children with their mental health as well as resources to support Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

Our Logo

We wanted our logo to represent the people that we aim to serve, mother and baby. 

The two b's represent our company name, Bella Bébé (Beautiful Baby) with the capital B representing the side profile of a pregnant mother. The heart representing the baby growing inside.

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