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Santa's Magic Key

Santa's Magic Key


Our "Santa's Magic Key" decoration is a masterpiece crafted from birch plywood and adorned with glossy glitter acrylic, adding a touch of sparkle to the holiday season.


Beautifully engraved with the words "Santa's magic key" and "For our home without a chimney," this decoration is a charming addition to your festive decor.


Measuring approximately 5 x 3 inches, each decoration comes with an acrylic key, measuring 3.5 inches. This unique keepsake is designed to keep the magic of Christmas alive in homes without chimneys, offering a delightful touch to your Christmas. 


Product Details:


  • Material: Birch plywood and gloss glitter acrylic
  • Dimensions: 3 x 5 cm (1.2 x 2 in)
  • Made in the UK





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